Saturday, May 28, 2011


xxxx, Angola, 9:29AM


Seriously. I'd do that thing I see in a lot of the blogs, where people go "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK" but honestly that's more a cry for attention. Since I just spent the last twenty minutes swearing at Simone, after which she spent twice as long speculating about the gender and profession of my mother, I think I'm done venting. It's not been a good couple of days. Nothing related to the MONSTER, the Perpetrators, the Victims, or the Victim/Perpetrators. Simple bureaucracy, mitigated with human error and issues with our criminal friends.

To elaborate, Jesus Godchrist too many guns. You may remember that Simone and I were last writing from a warehouse in Angola. You may also remember that we had plans to move from Angola to another country rather soon. Well, problems came up. Those problems being police, both military and civilian. Say what you will, the Angolans are getting rather adept at policing their criminal markets, proving my earlier analysis wrong. That or the criminals here are supernaturally incompetent, pathetic, or incapable of sight. The warehouse Simone and I had been staying in was a storehouse for drugs and illegal weaponry, and the night we were supposed to be traveling to Namibia with a shipment of various illegal things all hell broke loose. Never thought I'd hate the police, but I guess that's where we are.

We're currently inland, which is bad, and Simone's laid up with a gunshot wound, which is really very bad, and there's definitely a storm coming. I'm getting a bad feeling, like there are Victim/Perpetrators in this country just waiting to come out. So far, though, my preoccupation has been with renegotiating the terms of my informal contract with the underground-- and getting Simone the attention she needs for her shoulder. If that doesn't get enough attention, I hate to think what could happen. Okay, enough ominous foreshadowing.

I'd like to thank those who have commented so far. I think I might have to attempt to avoid the persecution of Refugees, since most of you have already had your lives ruined. The information about larger structures was intriguing, however, and I'll have to read more into it. Compiling evidence is of the utmost importance, and what I've been told and what I've read are leading to some very interesting conclusions indeed. Unfortunately I can't get the information I want, at least not in Angola. Maybe not even in Africa, which would suck. Maybe at one of the embassies...

But I digress. We're alive, and fairly safe. Simone is still cursing, as am I. No signs of the MONSTER, Victim/Perpetrators, regular Perpetrators, or other law enforcement officials. I just hope we can get out of this country before the storm hits.

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