Thursday, September 8, 2011

DROC: Not To Be

It shouldn't be here.

I've studies central African history, back in college. Surely it can't be here.

This is Simone again. Talking about the temple... thing. It's slick and grimy, like no stone that I've ever seen. There's something really wrong in the air, in the forest, in every goddamn thing. I hoped that this'd all be a bit more Indiana Jones and a little less Bram Stoker. The trees are utterly silent. There are bugs, but the bugs don't make enough noise. Their buzzing is muted, as though it was really coming from far away. The boss hates Dande, I mean, Ibola does as well, but he's become totally obsessed with getting into the temple (it's not a pyramid, not here.) I mean, 'Bola has a goal in all this-- her son's probably in there, with whatever shape he has left, so she's got a reason to plunge into the dark, right? Boss' only reason is that there might be a clue left somewhere in there by Dande. They're both tight as knots. Ibola keeps staring at this big old blank bit of wall, glaring at it. The boss has been wandering around the sides and kicking it and talking to it. Like Lord of the Rings, kinda.

What we know is that the kids didn't get stopped by the door/wall thing. The blank space we think might be a door doesn't seem to have ever been moved, the footprints haven't been touched. There doesn't seem to be anything that indicates that the wall moves at all, down or in or out. The brush seems to taper right next to the blank bit of wall, and sortof grows into it, rather than touch the blank face.

Don and I've been thinking about it. I think one might be able to just kinda... move through the wall I guess? I'm definitely not sure whether anyone else'll go for my idea, because, well, it's a bit fantastic isn't it? Walls that don't really exist, or only exist if you think about them or something. But screw them, I guess. I'm not really certain about reality anymore, what with all these conspiracy theories and things. I don't know what to believe. So I guess I'm going to go try and walk through the wall and see what happens. I'll probably end up walking into a solid bit of rock, but whatever.

I just want to figure it out. I don't want to be here anymore. I hate this place.


  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo. It's about where Boss thinks we are. I think we walked long enough to get to Sahara, but shit, what do I know?